Style For July - Collaboration With Romwe

Style for this month’s featuring, I decided to go for a nice item for summer and holiday! Read on to see how I decided to wear and style it!

Since I founded Brand And Beauty I have collaborated with so many brands and companies. It has been anything from phonecases to makeup and beauty products, I have always collaborated with brand within interior style and home decor. I love to work with different brands and help them get more potential costumers and get discovered by my lovely followers.

I am always focusing on working with brands and companies that deliver quality products and services, so my readers won’t get tips about something that it’s not worth the time and money!


The latest company I am working with is Romwe, which is a fashion retail store that sells all sort of clothes, shoes and accesories. Whether you are looking for a nice dress or a pair of new heels the shop has so many selections to choose from and you will find something for your taste.

I have teamed up with the shop and will every month show you what I have chosen from their site, how you can style it etc. I hope you will follow the next few months with Romwe!

Today I Am Wearing - Floral Print And Lace Up Heels


I decided to click home my second pair of lace up heels from Justfab! I have bought many pair of shoes from them before and I am always satisfied with the purchases. I have been looking for a good pair of lace up heels to go with my classy and chic style, so I found a pair of black ones to go with most of my outfits!

When I look for shoes it is very important that they are comfortable and something I can wear for everyday or to events. I always make sure to read the reviews before buying, which is my number one rule in online shopping!

I have tried Minty Coco Teeth Whitening - Does it work?


I do receive so many products from companies for testing and it can be everything from interior to beauty products. I try to focus on promoting products and services that I know my readers will love, hopefully you will love Minty Coco!

So what is Minty Coco?


Minty Coco is a teeth whitening product based on 100% natural ingredients, like coconut oil that are supposed to give you whiter teeth. Oil pulling is one of the biggest and more natural ways of getting that white Colgate smile, so how does it work?

Tropical Style Summer - How To Dress "Fetch" on Holiday


Written for Farfetch’s  competition

If you like scrolling down your instagram feed and falling in love with outfit after outfit, then you will love Farfetch. I have been following them for months and they always post something that inspires me to check out the hottest and the latest from their newest collections.

I got inspired to write this post using ideas from Farfetch’s content pack to participate in their competition to win a fantastic price!

Ferfetch is a brilliant fashion online retail store that gives you an insight into all the newest and oldest favourite fashion designers like Isabel Marant, Balmain and Saint Laurent just to name a few. Farfetch is the online shopping mall you would want to go to, whether you need a new dress for an exclusive event or just want to treat yourself with something luxurious.

Shoes Under £40 You Need This Month


I am always on the search for new shoes and I can’t help falling in love with shops like Simmi, Senso and Public Desire to name a few. These are one of my top instagram favourites and they always update with inspirational photos of the latest hottest items for your feet. You can say I am a sucker for shoes, especially ankle boots and stilettos. I mean what’s not to love right?

I thought to tips you about these amazing creations of shoes that will make you want to get dressed and go out for dinner, girls night or an exclusive event. These shoes are literally to die for and they are only under £40.00 🙂

The best thing of all? It’s 20% off all of their lace up shoes which is even better! Use code “GETLACED” at checkout.

Lace up shoes are a big hit this season and can look good to any outfit if you style it right.

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Click on the items for details and shop directly from this article

Colours like nude, baby pink, beige and white are one of the summery shades to wear this month. Transparent features in shoes, bags and dresses are one of the biggest trends this summer and we can’t help falling in love with the trend!


Have you found the perfect shoes but don’t know what you can wear with it? I can give a few of my fashionable advice. Depending on whether it’s casual or for a classy event you can spice it up with the right accessories as long as it is matching the shoes.

Black and white shoes usually goes with everything, but how do you style baby pink, nude or beige coloured shoes? I personally think that denim skirts and jeans is a safe choice for these kind of colours and if you like that kind of style and want to bring it up a notch I recommend using a belt, jewelries or a watch.

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I chose this western style belt to go with Cat style sunglasses and the nude shoes. Simple guide on how you can make a boring and ordinary outfit look trendy.

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Here I have chosen to focus on the accessories to make this ordinary and simple outfit look more classy. Since the boots are in a very light colour I decided to go for a black watch with gold details and a black clutch, simple but stylish.

I hope this article inspired you for a shopping spree and gave you some tips on how to style them to your ouftit! I am definitely clicking home some new shoes for next payday!

What kind of shoes do you like? Which of these are your favourite?

whit love

My Everyday Holy Grail Secrets



Hey Beauties!

How are you this Tuesday? I hope you are having a great start to the new week so far!

I have completely changed my blog design to something more classy and professional since I felt I needed for a change. This is why my blog motivation haven’t been on top lately, but I am excited to start a new chapter and inspire more with my pictures and writing.

I went to the VOGUE 100 YEARS Exhibition in London a few weeks ago and it was so inspiring and interesting to see that VOGUE was founded in the 1950’s. The exhibition had pictures of famous VOGUE covers from every century and you could see how how much the general fashion has actually changed. I think VOGUE is a very great magazine for inspiration and I love that they have articles about everything from beauty and makeup to interviews with independent and successful bloggers, style entrepreneurs and founders. The magazine also looks good on any coffee table.

While I was on the exhibition I took home a few things from their souvenir shop, I bought a notebook, pen, pencils and a giant picture with a vogue cover to give a classy and traditional style to my walls.

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