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I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog, it’s just a few days I started Brand Of Beauty. I am very happy to see that people like my posts.

In my last post I talked about how to your hair from worse to wonderful, and since so many liked it I decided to reveal some more beauty secrets. It’s all about which brands and products you use for your hair.

My boyfriends mum showed me a secret and it absolutely changed my hair to the better. Forget about Moroccan oils and other conditioners that promise you smooth and shiny hair.

Introducing Wella Proffesionals Anti Oxidant Smoothening Oil. This little bottle can be used on dry hair, wet hair and you can even use it on your hands. It smells fantastic and gives your hair good results. I love it and have been using it for months.


DSCN3124The Anti Oxidant smoothening oil makes your hair smooth and soft. You can buy the products at any saloon close by.


I love this brand so much, it’s simply amazing! Here you can see the results from using it everyday 🙂

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10 beauty tips that gives your hair justice


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As you probably can see the blog design is more like I want it to be, feels more like a blog now! (Happyface)

I was scrolling down my old blog and came over some articles I wrote about hair. Yes, it’s time for some hairtalk! Have you ever been having a really bad hair day and no matter what you do it’s still as bad? Nothing is worse than waking up to static and brazzy hair. You just give up and put a hoodie on! Well… no more! Say goodbye to dead hair and say hello to shine and smooth hair! What is the secret to solve the problems?

  1. Use an extra nutritious shampoo and conditioner that retains moisture . The secret to getting good results is to keep the hair humid as possible, at least under cold weather conditions .
  2. Give your hair a mask treatment 1-2 times a week , not more . Buy a cure that is recommended for your hair type, if you are in doubt it is always wise to ask a hair saloon close by.
  3. If you are bothered with static and frizzy hair , it is wise to use less shampoo,especially in the hair ends. Give your hair a chance to breathe, too much chemicals is not good for your hair.
  4. I’ts a good idea to always wait until your hair is dry before putting on any headgear. This avoids friction damage.
  5. Avoid alcoholic styling products . rather use a good hair mousse or wax when styling . Good to keep in mind before straightening/curling your hair.
  6. Always remember to use a heat protection styling spray before using a hair dryer .I recommend to blow dry your hair at a lower temperature, this will keep your hair strong and healthy. 
  7. Do not comb your hair too often , a review per day should suffice. In that case, use a brush with natural bristles  and not plastic bristles. I recommend the Tangle Teazer one (Can be bought at Boots) if you are going to use a plastic one. This is a rewarded product and its one of my favs!
  8. The hair becomes darker and duller in winter due to less sun . Brighten up your hair with a new hair color!
  9. Eat nutritious foods with beta carotene , vitamin B , C and Omega 3 , selenium and zinc. Both good for body and hair. Olives are also a smart beauty tips , eat plenty and you get nice hair. This tip was used extensively among Greek goddesses. I also recommend avocado, eat between or in your meals and you will see a difference. It’s very important to have a healthy diet, eating unhealthy only makes it worse.
  10. Get out in the nature , it increases circulation to the scalp and stimulates healthy hair growth. Even if it just for 10-15 minutes, it always help with fresh air.


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New products from Crabtree and Evelyn


Hi beauts! 

I hope you all have been having a wonderful weekend! Mine was lovely, spent all yesterday shopping with my boyfriends mum, she is the best! Got looads of awesome shoes and dresses, yaay!

Anyhow, I haven’t posted anything since I am still working with my blog design. (Sorry for the boring look atm) but it will come eventually. Bear with me!

On our shopping trip we found a petite and cute shop called Crabtree and Evelyn on the way trough the Designer Outlet (Ashford) and they had so many beauty products, after spending a little time looking I came across some nice hand creams with different scents. I fell in love and it is the perfect size for my bag, I just had to have one! So we bought 2 each, I also got a member card 🙂 I will definitely go back next time we are going there!

I never been to the Designer Outlet, so it was a very nice experience. Its like walking in Oxford Street, just that every shop is laying close to each other.  Totally recommend it!

DSCN3112I got them in Rose Evelyn and Pomegranate, smells fantastic


So if you ever are close by a Crabtree and Evelyn shop remember to buy a few. Its always good to have in your purse.

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Wishing you all a wonderful sunday!