Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid collection

Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Fall Collection



Super chic and trendy tote bag


GIGI HADID - Bomber Jacket Green

Super edgy bomber jacket in green


GIGI HADID - White Highwaist Trousers

Dress up in these trendy white high-waist trousers


GIGI HADID - Classic Blue Coat

Classic traditional blue coat from the collection, keeps you warm in style



Longline Coats And Bomber Jackets For Autumn


VILA Double Breasted Coat

Get this trendy double breasted coat to keep you warm for fall


New Look Longline Tailored Coat

Beautifully tailored longline coat from New Look, gives any outfit a classy look


Check Maxi Coat

Stay in style with this trendy and light coloured longline coat


Deep V Jumper Dress With Lace Trim

Stay in style with this jumper dress low V -neck and lace details.


Makeup Products I Am Obsessed With At The Moment


I have literally been living in my new striped pants for 3 days!! I know, I should really change…. but I just love them too much, plus it looks good in photos! Okay, this is the last post with the pants (I swear)….. for a little while.

IMG_0847I have officially moved in my pants… 

You know when you find products that cost more than your rent and you know you shouldn’t swipe that card, but you force yourself to buy them anyway? I had a moment like that a few weeks ago, and I am not ashamed of it! In fact, I am quite pleased and think it was worth every penny I spent.

I had heard about this amazing foundation (what everyone told) and it was meant to stay on the skin the whole day and give good coverage. The foundation had been on my mind for a few months and when I saw it in the store, there was no turning back! After a few tests on my skin, I knew that this would be my new best friend.

Trendy Kourtney Heels From Chi Chi London


I got sent these Trendy Kourtney heels from Chi Chi London and they are my favourite pair so far. I am a sucker for black shoes, especially the ones with pattern or lace on them. I fell in love with the shoes when I saw them on their site and was thrilled when I got accepted for a collaboration.

In the original agreement I got asked to choose a dress from their collection, but since none of the dresses would look good on me (all the dresses I wanted were out of stock) I went for the shoes! 

Build Your Own Beauty Box Worth £54 with Latest In Beauty


Beauty Boxes have always been a big favourite of mine and I have been a subscriber of Glossybox for nearly a year, but after a while I decided to try something new. I recently discovered Latest In Beauty, which is a company that sells themed beauty boxes within hair, skincare and makeup. Since I wasn’t sure about which box to click home I wanted to build my own, choosing from their selections of products for bath, body and face.

I decided to go for a box with 9 products that I hand picked myself for a wopping price of £16.99. The products I ended up with was worth £54 in total so I thought it was a good bargain!

The prices depends on how many products you want tailored in your beauty box. I think it is important to read the reviews of the products before choosing them, especially if you have sensitive skin like me and don’t want to end up with products you won’t have need for. Saves both time and money in my opinion!

Which products did I go for?

IMG_0086I used up to 20 minutes for deciding what to put in my beauty box. I based my decisions on reviews and if it would be useful. I am going away in 2 days so I wanted things I can take with me on holiday!

I have rated the products I have tried from 1-6 to give you an idea of which products I recommend!

I have tried Minty Coco Teeth Whitening - Does it work?


I do receive so many products from companies for testing and it can be everything from interior to beauty products. I try to focus on promoting products and services that I know my readers will love, hopefully you will love Minty Coco!

So what is Minty Coco?


Minty Coco is a teeth whitening product based on 100% natural ingredients, like coconut oil that are supposed to give you whiter teeth. Oil pulling is one of the biggest and more natural ways of getting that white Colgate smile, so how does it work?

My Everyday Holy Grail Secrets



Hey Beauties!

How are you this Tuesday? I hope you are having a great start to the new week so far!

I have completely changed my blog design to something more classy and professional since I felt I needed for a change. This is why my blog motivation haven’t been on top lately, but I am excited to start a new chapter and inspire more with my pictures and writing.

I went to the VOGUE 100 YEARS Exhibition in London a few weeks ago and it was so inspiring and interesting to see that VOGUE was founded in the 1950’s. The exhibition had pictures of famous VOGUE covers from every century and you could see how how much the general fashion has actually changed. I think VOGUE is a very great magazine for inspiration and I love that they have articles about everything from beauty and makeup to interviews with independent and successful bloggers, style entrepreneurs and founders. The magazine also looks good on any coffee table.

While I was on the exhibition I took home a few things from their souvenir shop, I bought a notebook, pen, pencils and a giant picture with a vogue cover to give a classy and traditional style to my walls.

Sleek Hair With Loreal Pro Styling Products


Loreal Pro was so nice and sent me a big package full of styling products for my hair and I am loving it! I can never say no to hair products, or products in general. I love discovering new stuff!

I have been using vegan hair products for months, so I thought I could give Loreal Pro a try. I don’t usually go for synthetic stuff because of the ingredients and there are especially many of the styling products who contains perfume and toxins. But these hair products weren’t that bad at all!

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